Modeling Solidification Microstructure

We just received two NASA grants to look into how microstructures evolve during solidification of metallic alloys. Two research positions are available for this research.

A Closer Look


Computational modeling is now regarded as a necessity for the advance of scientific knowledge and engineering practice.  We are interested in modeling materials processing, microstructural evolution, and phase transformations.  


We offer a variety of Additive Manufacuring technologies. Our focus is on understanding the properties and characteristics of the materials produced by additive manufacturing processes.


Our Senior Design Program aims to help students  apply their theoretical knowledge to real applications. The senior design students in our group have been able to develope wire additive manufacturing and selective laser sintering (SLS) systems. 


Education of 21 century workforce and increasing diversity in science and engineering are key components of this proposal. An AM workshop will be developed to train the participant on various aspects of AM technology. 



Cal State LA Partners With NASA

Newswise — Los Angeles, CA — NASA has awarded Cal State LA two grants to conduct materials science experiments with the International Space Station.


Cal State LA Lands Two NASA Grants

The Grants will allow Cal State LA to conduct Material Science Experiments.


AM Workshop – to be announced

Additive Manufacturing workshops give you insights on the exciting world of 3D printing. Stay tuned for more details!


AM2L member recieves national recognition

2016 Role Model Undergraduate Award winner, Ernesto Covarrubias. It’s the highest award  given to a SHPE member.

Mohsen Eshraghi, Ph.D.

Mohsen Eshraghi, Ph.D.

Dr. Mohsen Eshraghi is an Assistant Professor of Mechanical Engineering at California State University, Los Angeles. His research interests are Computational Materials Science and Additive Manufacturing. Click here to find out more about his Research Group.